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Joann Blake Art Biography

For all of you whom art is a hobby, something you love to do but do not think your work would amount to much outside your own enjoyment, take heed from Joann Blake! She is one of you! Like most of us, she had a family to raise and also enjoyed a successful career in the restaurant business with her husband. She had little time to devote to her passion – ART!

After retiring from the restaurant business, Dick and Joann moved to Maui, Hawaii, where she began painting full time. It has been over thirty years since she first taught herself to paint. Her art is a blend of impressionism and realism. Oil painting is the medium she uses and vivid color is her style. Her tools are palette knife, a brush and her imagination.

Joann has been selling her art for the last twenty years at the Renaissance Hotel in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. Recently Dick and Joann moved to Pleasanton, California where she continues to paint. Joann is looking forward to utilizing the fantastic scenery of Pleasanton in her upcoming work.

The Blake’s have made their dream their reality, and are living examples of the saying “when you are, you become.”